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REBECCA MOONEY This year my focus is on my passion (some may say my addiction) for walking. I will write a creative walking journal for 100 days. This has been partly inspired by The Artist's Way, a book about creativity which I read some years ago and followed the advice about writing a journal. I stopped writing 3 years ago, which is far too long to go without putting thoughts on paper. I doubt everything written in my journal will be published on this website. I'll add a random photo of a trusted companion; my shadow.


Day 40

Under supervision, I went walking this morning, all fancied up with a neck brace. Actually, it was a slow stroll as the pain medication I'm taking is also a muscle relaxant which makes not only my neck relax but also my legs go wobbly. The first time I haven't been able to keep up with Bruce, apart from airports when some unknown booster is ignited and off he zooms.