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REBECCA MOONEY This year my focus is on my passion (some may say my addiction) for walking. I will write a creative walking journal for 100 days. This has been partly inspired by The Artist's Way, a book about creativity which I read some years ago and followed the advice about writing a journal. I stopped writing 3 years ago, which is far too long to go without putting thoughts on paper. I doubt everything written in my journal will be published on this website. I'll add a random photo of a trusted companion; my shadow.


Day 39

Like many others, I know I have a stubborn streak in me especially when it comes to my art. My only focus is portraying positive energy. Political and social agenda, violence, hatred, perversion or anger never enters my work. I make boundaries, as I do with walking, so my focus has a path to follow. Walking is the same where my thinking is positive and constructive. If grumpy thoughts enter my head I have a mantra that automatically starts up; "Let it go, God Bless, Let it go".