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REBECCA MOONEY This year my focus is on my passion (some may say my addiction) for walking. I will write a creative walking journal for 100 days. This has been partly inspired by The Artist's Way, a book about creativity which I read some years ago and followed the advice about writing a journal. I stopped writing 3 years ago, which is far too long to go without putting thoughts on paper. I doubt everything written in my journal will be published on this website. I'll add a random photo of a trusted companion; my shadow.


Day 33

How do people do it! I'm sitting here trying to multitask, watch a television movie and write in my walking journal. Can Not Lah (as they say in Singapore). But which one to mute? Animation is such a wonderful fantasy world to float into. It's something I've loved all of my adult life, starting with a French film "Allegro Non Troppo". Thinking about multi-tasking with walking. Now that's a different matter. One task not to do, simply because it annoys the shit out of me, is looking at a devil box while walking. Other than that I gather there are tasks that are mutually cooperative, like singing and walking, talking with a companion and walking, Looking, no seeing and walking is great. Other tasks like photography you need to stop. And what's my point I ask myself? Maybe I'm reminding myself I work best if I do one thing at a time, complete it then move on to the next, rather than jumping from one thing to another. I walk, then I get on with the next task for the day, it's as simple as that. Sometimes I need to work on the order I do these tasks, but one fact is that if the first one of the day is a walk, I'm much better off.