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REBECCA MOONEY This year my focus is on my passion (some may say my addiction) for walking. I will write a creative walking journal for 100 days. This has been partly inspired by The Artist's Way, a book about creativity which I read some years ago and followed the advice about writing a journal. I stopped writing 3 years ago, which is far too long to go without putting thoughts on paper. I doubt everything written in my journal will be published on this website. I'll add a random photo of a trusted companion; my shadow.


Day 24

I'm still thinking about 'Making and Doing'. You make so you can do? You compose music so you can perform. You choreograph a dance so you may perform that dance? Which one is the important one? The creating or the presentation. With some visual artists, including painters, the important aspect of their practice is the making of the art, which perhaps could be classified as performance art, though more often the visual artist is alone in their studio. The more I think about it the more I'm confused. My performance is simply to walk with no hidden agenda. A performance by me, for me. Can that be art, does it need an audience to be art? Is my audience here?