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REBECCA MOONEY This year my focus is on my passion (some may say my addiction) for walking. I will write a creative walking journal for 100 days. This has been partly inspired by The Artist's Way, a book about creativity which I read some years ago and followed the advice about writing a journal. I stopped writing 3 years ago, which is far too long to go without putting thoughts on paper. I doubt everything written in my journal will be published on this website. I'll add a random photo of a trusted companion; my shadow.


Day 15

Weekly routines revolve partly around making contact with people, as I no longer have that going to work contact I had in New Zealand. It's a Wednesday so I head to the East Coast to exercise with my Walkie Talkie girlfriends. It's fairly obvious what we do for an hour. I need to be out the door at 6:30am for a 45-minute journey to collect my bike or continue walking and head along the East Coast park for some 3 km for the gathering. Today we are walking in the rain, which is never cold but a difficult situation to socialise in. So we head to a cafe to wait out the rain. I love my weekly routines where every day is different, the same principle of walking, it's just that each day is a different scenario. though I miss the old routine of Oakura of walking Monday to Friday, same circuit, same time, just throw in a swim once or twice a week, all year round. I'm reminded of the one rule which was if it was raining before the start of the walk we were allowed to stay in bed instead. Good rule. I realise I have a lot of activities that put me in touch with people. It's easy to become too withdrawn. I need that balance. The creative solitude which can include walking and social relationships which can also include walking.