Mike Crosby

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TITLE 1 - 100 ACROSS AUCKLAND My plan is to post a photograph a day which contains a number/numeral/digit in it. I will start with number, 1/ONE/FIRST, and move in ascending order through to 100/ONE HUNDRED/C/LAST. That's the theory; here's the reality. Street photography is the genre that appeals most to me so I plan to have a 'flavour' of the street running through my postings where possible, and a sprinkling of creativity when that 'ingredient' is not at hand. I quickly came to realise that capturing an image a day which contained the 'number/numeral/digit of the day was not going to be possible without falling into the trap of taking photos of a lot of letterboxes for example, so I was on the lookout for photos ahead of time; creating a bank of photos to draw on when needed. While that worked it was still a challenge to cover the range I was after. Some numbers were more elusive than others and I had to resort to creative ways of producing some as you will see as you look through the project. There are about five I really like; the other ninety nine 'made up the numbers' as it were!