Jo Tito

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The child in me is excited to play! The adult in me is fearful. I'm not posting nature images, I'm not painting stones or making mandalas - how are people going to connect with these images? Fear fear fear, uncertainty... just do I'm telling myself - from the heart. The rest will take care of itself. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It is Day 4 and I've realised that this pile of things carry the writings that I will share here. Each "thing" is a conversation and each conversation is part of a bigger picture of sharing my creativity and my journey as an artist. Sometimes I may create something from this pile of things, other times I may post an image of some things from this pile. Perhaps it may only be one thing. Always, I will write and share some thoughts for the day - often about my journey as a full time artist that will be shared in detail at my coming website - The Artist's Playbook. Around Day 13 it will be ready! It has been an ongoing project for the past five years - NOW I've retrieved this book from the attic of my mind and am committing to bringing this project to fruition to help other artists do what they love for a living. And then arrive at Day 25 - nature couldn't help itself and had to step in again. My constant, my passion and love for the earth and all it's beauty, it took over the whole thing! So Day 100 ended on a nature note - am I complaining - NO - it's been an interesting 100 days and what stories these images could tell. Arohanui, Jo :)